From THE experts in sun protection

Our simulation tool helps formulators optimize sunscreen formulations by:

  • Considering various performance criteria including regulatory boundaries
  • Full utilizing inorganic filters such as TiO2 and ZnO
  • Addressing synergies of polymeric filters
  • Including state-of-the-art results of water-soluble UV-filters
  • Considering research on photo stabilization


Under ideal conditions, today's UV filters have the capacity to protect even the most sensitive skin against high levels of UV radiation. Yet the incidence of skin cancer continues to rise, with between 2 and 3 million case of non-melanoma and 132,000 cases of melanoma cancers globally each year. At DSM, we aim to reduce these numbers by maximizing the performance and sensorial profile of sun protection products. Formulating sunscreen formulations at a reduced cost and time is one step further to having more efficient sunscreens available to the consumers worldwide.

DSM's SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER™ is a free tool allowing every formulator to develop the most efficient sunscreen formulation, optimize the existing one before going into a large number of in vivo SPF measurements.

Tool features

  • All key information captured at the first glance
  • Optimize your formulation by comparing different tests at the same time
  • The tool is fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices
  • Personalize your profile in settings
  • Save the work in your own archive